Transport tracking and scheduling can be time and resource hungry on your already busy timetable. This is why Ubidata has developed a range of track and trace solutions to help you save time and money as well as giving you a more complete proactive customer experience. Because our solutions are flexible we can offer you a modularised approach using data from multiple sources and levels, thus fully utilizing telematics and mobile logistics to ensure you have a tailored and effective working and management environment.

  • Supply chain cockpit

    Supply chain cockpit


    Your time is precious which is why we have developed an innovative way to deal with the big data revolution. Our Supply Chain Cockpit is an easy to use web interface, or directly onto your own systems in order to give you easy access to the right information at the right time. It brings together data from several sources such as mobile apps, TMS, ERP as well as our own telematics hardware to give pertinent, actionable information. Acting on real time and statistical data we allow for management by exception and include definition of KPIs. Our telematics and mobile logistics functionality provides at-a-glance real-time monitoring and tracking as well as easy to use reporting to ensure you are compliant, driving down costs and customer responsive.

  • Goods distribution tracking

    Goods distribution tracking


    The goods distribution supply chain is becoming more demanding with increasing pressure placed on it. The internet has changed consumers’ patterns of buying and trying which means it puts pressure on your supply chain in new ways. We know you are keen to optimise delivery processes and ubidata helps by providing a flexible mobile application combined with strong reporting and data exchanges with your systems. Facilitate driver communication via either ruggedized industrial PDAs or regular smartphones. All this is why ubidata’s Goods Delivery Solution driven by container, rail and intermodal track and trace is the perfect fit, helping you easily adapt to scheduling issues, manage your deliveries and packages or pallets as well as providing a full traceability of stock. This end-to-end traceability helps you save both time and resources. With our guaranteed full proof of delivery you can rest assured of the safety of your parcels and goods whilst also minimising the dreaded paperwork.

  • Trailer fleet management

    Trailer fleet management


    Maximise your trailer fleet utilisation with our specialised, autonomous trailer track and trace solution. Ubidata’s easy to install and fix, intelligent ‘Get-It’ trailer track and trace solution is designed for harsh environments where constant power is not guaranteed but has an impressive 6 year autonomy. We also offer the more complete ‘Live’ trailer track and trace solution for real-time data usage over all aspects of the truck and trailer. Our in-built sensors and long battery life mean that you can receive real-time notifications of the whereabouts of your fleet, guarding against lost or stolen trailers. Combined with our Supply Chain Cockpit which includes tachograph and CANBUS monitoring, you can receive information and specific reporting functionality to reduce turnaround time of trailers, monitor changes in the state of the contents of the trailer and know when tampering to the interior of the trailer occurs.

    All this makes our Trailer Fleet Management solution an effective way to protect your fleet, drive down maintenance and replacement costs and increase safety across the fleet. It also leads to an exceptional customer service level. With ubidata’s Intelligent Trailer Fleet Management solutions, you’re automatically compliant.

  • Temperature controlled tracking

    Temperature controlled tracking

    You require an effective, safe, dependable and efficient cold supply chain with the peace of mind that the assets and goods are completely accounted for. Ubidata’s temperature and cold chain telematics offers frozen refrigerated and ambient monitoring for sensitive goods such as food, pharmaceuticals and other perishables. It’s easy to create single or multi-compartment set ups which deliver full visibility of temperature controlled assets. We include the possibility to have calibrated sensors linking with door sensors and cool group functioning putting you in charge of the cold chain. You are only alerted to anomalies when necessary, giving you increased efficiencies and productivity. Our container, rail and intermodal track and trace mean that safety critical goods also benefit from full proof of delivery and condition throughout the entire journey giving you the added benefit of automated compliancy within this highly regulated sector.

  • Wagon fleet management

    Wagon fleet management

    Our customers in the rail freight sector are increasingly challenged by operational complexity and demanding customers who require agility and responsiveness. Ubidata’s wagon fleet management system is designed to automate processes using rail and intermodal track and trace, which gives you freedom to manage fleet operations and provide information on accumulated distances to ensure ECM compliancy. We give you an overview of the operational data but only report on abnormalities or deviations from the scheduling or expected routing. We integrate wagon shunting and train scheduling into your operation timetable so you can concentrate on managing the entire process. We’ve found that this ‘proactive’ approach liberates the fleet manager from mundane tasks and focuses his attention on the important information. All of this is derived from our telematics and mobile logistics functionality for freight wagon, combining a very large autonomy with a high frequency of data.

  • Container fleet management

    Container fleet management

    The container fleet market is a complex and demanding place and our container track and trace solutions directly address these specialist issues to deliver a solution which increases reliability, reduces cost and risks as well as increasing security for your goods.

    Ubidata’s strategic alliance with Track4C, the specialist container track and trace company alongside our product research and development in this area has led to our unique solution. With extended battery life and an innovative signal optimisation it ensures coverage at all steps of the supply chain.

  • Truck fleet management

    Truck fleet management

    With our tachograph and CANBUS monitoring we can provide you with an overview of your truck fleet status, flagging only the right information. This holistic view checks driver status and behaviour and [journey]….but we also communicate directly with the truck’s CANBUS to give updates on the condition of the on-board systems.

    Thanks to our truck fleet management system you can be in the cab and monitor engine usage or eco-driving. Increasing fuel efficiency, braking and idling efficiencies, we also save you time so you can focus on better strategic fleet management. Our unique data treatment and reporting focus means you are liberated from constant and meaningless data alerts. With our telematics and mobile logistics monitoring you are free to look after the strategic maintenance of your truck fleet so you can better serve your customers. Less paperwork, better driver performance, save time and money and also have automated regulatory compliance.

  • Driver management

    Driver management

    Keeping your drivers safe and compliant while running efficient trucking operations is a priority for you which is why we utilise tachograph and CANBUS monitoring in ubidata’s Driver Management System, all underpinned by our telematics and mobile logistics functionality.

    The Driver Management Solution takes data from several sources such as the tachograph or mobile application and is able to monitor drivers’ performance to check for any irregularities. It also automatically checks against regulation driving times and rest periods, keeping you compliant.

    Tachograph and CANBUS monitoring provides relevant reporting on your drivers’ activities, which not only promotes a safer environment for your staff, but helps you interface with invoicing and driver payment with precise and irrefutable data.


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