Track and trace technology combine with telematics and mobile logistics to optimize productivity for our clients

Because Ubidata’s systems are flexible and modular we can fit a solution to any particular client requirement while still bringing the power of intelligent data optimisation. We provide unlimited configurations and have the added advantage of having the ability to take data from multi-level sources thanks to our sophisticated use of telematics and mobile logistics. Data from mobile devices or third party solutions pose no problem for Ubidata. We have built up experience in low power environments and can update configurations remotely which makes our offering completely situation dependent.

  • Container track and trace

    Container track and trace

    • super long life battery
    • low-power hardware
    • enhanced signal technology
    • door sensors for safety alerts
    • temperature sensors keep goods in best condition
    • tracking shows exact position
  • Wagon track and trace

    Wagon track and trace

    • container, rail and intermodal track and traceshows exact position
    • shock detection
    • long life autonomy (6 years)
    • high frequency data
    • distance calculation
    • harsh environment capable
    • door (or other) sensors for safety alerts
  • Trailer track and trace

    Trailer track and trace

    • choose powered (ubitrailer live) or unpowered (ubitrailer Get-it!)
    • adapative configuration in function of environment (type of mission, position, movement,…)
    • door sensors for safety alerts
    • temperature sensors keep goods in condition
    • tracking shows exact position
    • movement (gyroscopic measurements)
    • Tpms (tyre pressure monitoring system) independent from tyre manufacturers, choice of ‘external’ (valve) solution and ‘internal’ (inside wheel rim) wheel management solutions.
    • Loaded / unloaded detection
  • Temperature and cold chain telematics

    Temperature and cold chain telematics

    • sensors for temperature and humidity
    • door sensors
    • tank fuel sensor
    • calibrated sensors as an option
    • complete cool supply chain coverage
    • Battery independent from cool group
  • Truck tracking (incl. Tacho & FMS)

    Truck tracking (incl. Tacho & FMS)

    • Tachograph and CANBUS (Controller Area Network) monitoringtachograph communication
    • reporting on driver habits
    • location tracking
    • routing and scheduling technology
  • Asset tracking

    Asset tracking

    • container, rail and intermodal track and trace
    • asset and goods tracking
    • temperature and cold chain telematics, shock, humidity, light sensors
    • to be put in packages, pallets,
    • communicating with ubidata telematics device
  • Mobile application

    Mobile application

    • tailored software for android or Window Mobile
    • BYOD capable
    • modular
      • planning
      • messaging
      • scan
      • loading module
      • signature and proof of delivery
      • packaging
      • payment
      • pictures
  • Web user interface

    Web user interface

    • ease of use
    • enhanced user experience
    • supply Chain cockpit
    • streamlining information delivery
  • Data exchange

    Data exchange

    Possibility to interact with your systems in many different ways with technologies like:

    • XML
    • Web service
    • Private VPN
  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

    Ubidata’s unique business intelligence systems utilize telematics and mobile logistics to help you with every aspect of your management. We do this by streamlining the right information about your business and delivering only what is relevant so you can act appropriately on an operational and on a strategic level. Our business intelligence approach to handling logistics and transport issues within the supply chain gives you not only economies in time and money but frees you to create a better customer experience. It also gives you increased efficiencies and provides regulatory compliance.


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